Require A Fashion Designer

  • Shree Khemi Sati Synthetics
  • Delhi, India
  • Nov 08, 2017
Full time Design

Job Description

The key responsibilities of a fashion designer 

Visualizing a designing idea/concept as per the current trend analysis, sketching rough and detailed drawings of design using computer-aided designs (CAD) or by hands, and mentioning the specifications like color combination, use of fabric, material type, process of details designing, and accessory requirements for further reference

Directing the assistants involved in preparing rough samples of the design, coordinating their work in alignment to meet deadline, etc.

Examining the look of sample, making sure that the designed product matches the age, style, and socioeconomic status of target consumers and modifying and redesigning the garments if need arises

Keeping an up-to-date knowledge of current and upcoming fashion trends, noticing the general trend in fabric, color scheme, and shape of the garment, predicting the later advancement in upcoming trends, and developing fashion range accordingly

Collaborating their work assembling designer team for carrying out the designing process, discussing designing ideas with boutique owners, sales and marketing representatives, and working on it accordingly

Preparing budget on garment designing using fabric, accessories, and other materials as per financial agreement and pricing the garments accordingly

Visiting textile showrooms for buying fabrics, new clothing items, and accessories for completing the designs as needed

Understanding the various aspects of designing techniques like layering, producing patterns using toiles and embellishments, etc., and selecting appropriate production techniques accordingly

Attending fashion shows for obtaining more knowledge on the latest trends and techniques in fashion designing, reviewing fashion magazines for obtaining more intricate knowledge on the same, etc.

Overseeing the production of garments, negotiating price range with suppliers

Qualification and Skills
Sense of creativity, innovation, and flair for designing fashionable items

Keen observation for determining color schemes, patterns, and designs

Knowledge of different types of fabrics and its identification

Designing and visualization skills

Knowledge of garments and technology

Commercial awareness with business orientation skills

Communication and interpersonal skills

Negotiation skills

Ability to work individually and in teams

Organizational and time management skills

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