Textile designer

  • Omsakthi-A-Overseas
  • Karur
  • May 03, 2021
Contractor Business Development

Job Description

A Textile designer job description involves applying design principles to the manufacturing of textile products, bed sheet design and coordinating with buyers to ensure that the requirements of a product are met.

The job of a textile designer is demanding and requires a high level of creativity and an excellent organizational ability, as well as basic good design skills.

This job requires a lot of creativity, so a textile designer should be a creative person.

The career path of a Textile designer progresses between 2 company departments: Product Design and Buyer. With more experience in the company, a Textile designer may become either a Head of department for Product or Buyer department.

If the Textile designer has what it takes, he/she can grow his/her career to the position of Chief Designer.

Skill Required:

Possess a basic understanding of colour, texture and pattern. Familiar with different surface finishes, spinning, weaving, knitting and other techniques.

Knowledge of recent market trends.

Ability to work in a team.

Good communication skills.