Security Guard, Security Supervisor, Security Officer, Personal Security Officer (PSO)

  • Advance Intelligence Security Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Aug 13, 2016
Full time Other

Job Description

  • The main role of security is to protect the life, property and information from all kinds of losses. The security supervisor should analyze all the risk factors and initiate preventive measures strategically, in order to prevent any such losses. Shortly the main aim and objective of security is “TOTAL LOSS PREVENTION”.
  • He should thoroughly understand the Asahi India Glass Ltd Physical Security Policy and Procedures.
  • He should maintain all the records and documents as per the templates recommended in the AIS. Also he should ensure that all the records and documents are classified and authenticated.
  • He is responsible for the physical means of protecting the property and should be very alert for proper guarding against thefts, pilferage, accidents and intruders.
  • His oral and written communication should be very good and he should be able to give instructions clearly and firmly.
  • He should be polite with the Employees & Guests however without a compromise on security delivery.
  • He should be well verse with Telephonic etiquette’s and abide by security norms while conversing on telephone so that no confidential information are divulge.
  • He should maintain and update all the documents on a daily basis.
  • He should maintain all the key register properly and shall secure the keys properly in the cabinet.
  • He should maintain a very professional relationship with all service providers.
  • He should carry out an internal patrol at least twice during this tenure of duty.
  • He should maintain visitors register properly.
  • Any emergency situations, accidents, break in attempt, theft, or any other physical crimes should be immediately communicated to HR & Admin dept.
  • He should ensure that the search of baggage of employees is carried out effectively. He should also ensure that all the service providers are aware of the security instructions and should issue Security Guidelines pamphlet to all the service providers.
  • He should plan and execute, specific Loss Prevention Programs to prevent / minimize thefts and losses.
  • He should establish an efficient Intelligence Sourcing and information gathering and thwart any loss / damage.
  • He should ensure that all the guards are aware of their post and site instructions.
  • He should high light emergency risk factors, if any to his superiors immediately.
  • He should provide the escalation matrix of guarding company (land line and mobile numbers) to all the guards. It should include the contact numbers of SO, ASO, and BM.
  • Critical Contact lists (Fire Brigade, Police, Hospitals etc.,) should keep at the Main Gate and should be reviewed on a monthly basis.
  • He should provide the escalation matrix of AIS (land line and mobile numbers) to all guards. (It should include the contact numbers of HR & Admin).
  • He should be aware and keep in hand all the Internal and External Emergency contacts.
  • He should clearly understand that “TOTAL LOSS PREVENTION” is the main aim and objective of the security department.