• SHUKHIBHAVA consultancy
  • Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • Mar 24, 2017
Full time Nurse

Job Description


Promotes and restores patients health by completing the nurse process.collaborating with physicions and multidisciplinary team members.providing physical and psychological support to patients and families.

-Assess patient condition by monitoring vital signs.
-Administration of medication.
-Administering oxygen & Maintaining oxygen supply Maintains a 
-Ability to understand and build Patient Relationships.-Ensuring patients endorsement, carrying out tasks assigned by ward in-charge.
-Monitoring vital signs, conducting ongoing assessments of patients and updating patient records/case sheets.
-Planning and providing basic care according to the priority needs of the patients.
-Accompanying consultants on rounds and carrying out their orders.
-Maintaining personal hygiene of patients, administering medication using correct procedures.
-Taking responsibility for admission, discharge and transfer of patients.
-Maintaining safety of wards and providing a safe environment.
-Maintaining good interpersonal relationships with staff, patients, families and
-Reporting the condition of critical patients promptly to the persons concerned, both in verbal and written mode.
-Maintaining records and reports related to nursing care, treatment and medicines correctly and promptly.

To perform Basis Nursing activities in a Pediatric/ General OPD set up on a daily basis. To Provide hands on care to child patients. Educating patients. Immunization & Record Maintenance. B.Sc/GNM with nursing registration. Good working environment