Wanted teachers far all subjects

  • Thomas consultancy placement service
  • Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • May 29, 2017
Full time Consultant Education

Job Description

kWanted principal teachers for all subjects

Hindi, English, social, Mathematics, Science physical education, English, non teaching staff also

As you are well aware that "Education" is an intellectual process and in this context, “teacher make men and men make the Nation.  "Books to teach and teachers to educate" hence, the teacher job is the noblest of all professions, which required dedication, devotion, self-sacrifice and service.

We believe that it is the bound duty of an Institution to fulfil the ambitions of parents by providing spotless education, which required a planned programme of work for dynamic implementation by a teacher.    

Having been acquired varied experience and exposure in the field of teachers placement, which is becoming a basic need for every organization to grow, flourish and to get sustained goals and objectives, we would extend our helping hand to the institutions by providing quality teaching personnel.  The teachers will be screened in totality by assessing their subject knowledge, teaching methodology, innovative thinking, loyalty towards Institution, communication skills etc,.  

In this connection, we are assuring you our best services at all times for your growth and prosperity.  We are herewith attaching our website for your kind information.  We are anticipating response in this regard your favourable.

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